Is Charles Fall’s Victory A New Hope For African Immigrants in New York’s Politics?

Blue wave or not, Charles Fall, first generation American of Guinean immigrants winning New York State Assembly seat (for district) is a welcoming and an inspiring news to the growing African population in New York, especially the young ones who may be interested in joining politics.


Charles Fall

Tuesday night, as journalists and political pundits analyzed and discussed the substance of the elections, some African immigrants across New York but mainly around Staten Island gathered at the democratic victory party to cheer the young, brilliant and energetic Charles Fall as he delivered his victory speech. In his speech, he pledged to advocate for the people of his district and he also acknowledged the role his parents played in inspiring him to serve. Although I couldn’t be there in person, I was there in spirit and fortunate enough to watch it via Facebook live.

Charles is a 29 year old who can serves as inspiration for many African immigrants in New York. He obtained his Masters in Public Administration from Pace University in New York and a Bachelor of Arts from Southwestern College in Kansas. He is married with a daughter. Not to delve into his credentials and biography too much, as most of the information are available on his website.

Charles Fall with his wife and daughter

However, it is crucial to highlight the fact that Charles is a model first generation African immigrant who’s victory has planted a seed of hope and possibility in the African immigrant communities around New York that one day they can make wave in the local political and national. Wednesday morning, I received many social media messages about Charles from young African men and women who believe that his victory is a good sound for the community. Indeed it is a great sound. I asked myself. Why we cannot do the same thing in the Bronx, which has a large African population?

Stay tuned for my response. If you think it is possible to replicate Charles victory in the Bronx, please share your thoughts either way.



Author: Sekou Kesse

I am the owner of Sekou's Style, which is under SKesselly Groups, Inc.

2 thoughts on “Is Charles Fall’s Victory A New Hope For African Immigrants in New York’s Politics?”

  1. I believe when we get involved with your surrounding, we can achieve more and become better and improve our communities and our involvement in politics both back home and here in the US as well.


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