7 Lessons Learned from the Coup in Guinea


Guinea is no stranger to coup d’etats. There have been three successful coups in the Republic of Guinea and few others attempted coups. On Sunday, September 5th, 2021, Col Mamady Doubouya carried out another successful coup against the government of President Alpha Conde.  After an hour or so of gunfight at the president’s residence, the officers of the National Rally and Development Committee (CNRD) captured the president and took over the state’s power. 

Lessons learned: 

  1. Don’t be a Divisive Leader 
    1. President is considered to be one of the most divisive leaders in Guinea’s history. He used the divide and conquer strategy to turn neighbors against each other. For instance, the tribal conflict and tension or some call it racism was amplified under his rule in Guinea. However, this was done to benefit his quest for power. 
    2. Know when to leave power and don’t outsmart everyone for personal gain or force yourself on the people. 
      1. It can turn ugly. President Conde was three steps ahead of all oppositions until Sunday, September 5th, 2021. He out maneuvered the public and political parties to change the constitution to remain in power. He also outsmarted himself by bringing a man to power who took him out. 
  2. Don’t betray the trust of the people.
    1. The people trusted the president to be a statement like Nelson Mandela but he turned into an ugly dictator who did not entertain much criticism from the opposition. As a former professor of human rights and political prisoner, people expected him to lead with dignity and respect for the rule of law. But, that did not happen. Instead, he manipulated the public opinion and option to change the constitution to allow him to stay in power for the third term. 
  3. Don’t cut the pay of the masses and military officers while increasing your pay. 
    1. People are looking for empathy and leadership, not a greedy boss. In this case, many did not have empathy for president Conde and his regime as they were viewed as greedy politicians who were squandering the state’s resources while the ordinary suffered. 
  4. Don’t increase taxes without proper explanation. 
    1. According to reports, in recent weeks the government has sharply increased taxes to replenish state coffers and raised the price of fuel by 20%, causing widespread frustration.
  5. Don’t trust anybody. 
    1. The president trusted Col Mamady Doubouya  like a son but he took him down. As a leader, you must learn to trust your instinct or intuition.  
  6. Don’t be power drunk. 
    1. Listen to people around you and make good decisions. You should use your power responsibly. Be a leader who brings people together instead of using your power to separate people. 


What is the objective of the coup?

To change the system of corruption, mismanagement, economic stagnation, poor leadership and lack of rule of law or to get a few military elites rich while they appease the former colonial power and powerful business interests in Guinea?  

The military will tell you that they will unify the country, stop corruption and promote good leadership and governance. However, the history of coups in Guinea suggest the contrary. Lasagna Conte, Dadis and his team. 

But the coup leader said that they have learned from the past so we are waiting to see what lessons they have learned and how that would benefit the youth of Guinea. 

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Author: Sekou Kesse

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